and-of-earnest asked:

So, hey. Hey there. Hi. Hello. //blushes and runs away//

Of Black & White, Sometimes Color Answer:

Don’t go~ I got cookies~~
*runs after you

Sometimes, all of a sudden you get a flock of new followers and you have no idea how did that happen and where they come from and you wanna thank them but don’t know what to say. I’m not a good host, but, have some cookies. Enjoy your stay~

angietumblz asked:

DUDE! Your drawings are awesome! I love the movement and body language of your figures with the deceptively simple looking line drawings! KEEP IT UP~! I found your stuff through your really cute fish wind chime comic. Love the dragon and his rock star! <3

Of Black & White, Sometimes Color Answer:

I’m glad my cute fishes lead you here! Hope you enjoy your stay. I really need to draw more of dragon and rockstar.

cdpingame asked:

I just wanted to show some love and say that I love your comic A light through wind chime. It was awesome and i really enjoyed it :) Sorry it's a really generic compliment. It really made me happy reading it though. The art is fantastic as well :3 Anyway hope you have a great week!

Of Black & White, Sometimes Color Answer:

Thank you so much, sorry for taking so long to reply. And no compliments can be generic! Any compliments will make me smile like an idiot in front of my monitor. I’m glad the comic makes people happy :)

exploding-pens asked:

I hope I don't come across as creepy to you both, but I came over from Daryl's blog whose art I adored for a while, and now you're both my inspiration!

Of Black & White, Sometimes Color Answer:

Haha, no way, you’re definitely not creepy! *takes two steps backward*

mathewjd asked:

I love you

Of Black & White, Sometimes Color Answer:

er… no, you don’t. *runs to Daryl*